The button simulates a user submit call to load table after selecting custom params (params not needed here to demo problem)
Issues with this javascript based bootstrap-table example:
  1. The !options.pagination part of #3830 causes the table load to load all rows when the table is initially created, since options.pagination is undefined (confirmed via alert popup) - options.pagination value of undefined apparently evaluates as !undefined equates to true, resulting in table loading all rows even though the drop-down shows it is supposed to show 5 rows.
  2. All parameters must be defined in the custom parameters sent during export if calling a .NET Web API - offset, sort and order are not added by the export call
  3. Following design of a custom export button - coded with same design, this example shows the export drop-down even with a defined button.
  4. Export button does NOT export all rows - as it doesn't use bootstrap-table-export probably - HOW to get this to work? (I have a custom button I want to use - not the drop-down)